Forensic Anthropology
Why study Bones
Estimating Time of Death
Sex and Race

The main reason why people study bones

is because bones often survive the process of decay and provide the main evidence for the human form after death.

The application of the science of physical anthropology to the legal system is called forensic anthropology. It is where the identification of unidentified skeletal human remains plays a significant role for both civilized and lawful cause. To assist help uncover crime and to recognise human remains, the application of scientific method is used by the forensic anthropologist. To narrow down the investigation, forensic anthropologists often work with other experts of different field such as odontologists, forensic pathologists, and homicide investigators to determine indication of foul play and or the time of death.
Forensic anthropologists also work to propose the age, sex, ancestry, physique, and other distinctive features of a decedent from the skeleton.
an expert examining a vertebra

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