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The Oxford and Macquarie Dictionaries define 'identity' in two different ways. Oxford defines 'identity' as "the condition of being a specified person", where as Macquarie Dictionary defines 'identity' as "the condition of being oneself ... and not another".
Human Identification is, for the purpose of this collection of pages, defined as any technology that contributes to the realization of a human's identity or identifies a specimen as human and/or originated from a human.
The broad subject of human identification can be broken down into infinite categories and perceived in many different ways. Human identification technologies can be used both on live people as well as those who are metabolically challenged. This topic includes areas such as: paternity tests to show parentage or ancestral ties; to the use of fingerprint analysis to identify who was at a scene of a crime; and even the sets of photos taken in the Victorian era of dead family members.
The topics that have been looked at closer are:


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