Forensic Anthropology
Why study Bones
Estimating Time of Death
Sex and Race

Anthropology is a science of humankind. It studies all facets of society and culture. It describes the impact of humans on other humans. Anthropology focuses on human characteristics generated and propagated by humans themselves. Physical Anthropology studies anatomy and biology -- race, gender, adaptation. It studies humankind as a biology type, describing physical development over the millennia.

discovery-channel-bone-detectives.jpg Forensic Anthropology

When all that is left is a pile of bones, that's when the police know to call in a forensic anthropologist.

Employment as a Forensic Anthropologist is varies within people, crimes, and places.

Forensic anthropology includes: examination of hair, insects, plant materials and footprints,archaeological excavation; determination of elapsed time since death; facial reproduction; photographic superimposition; detection of anatomical variants; and analysis of past injury and medical treatment. However, in practice, forensic anthropologists primarily help to identify a deceased person based on the available evidence.

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